2022 Color Trends

Theme: Subdued Colors that Promote Calmness and Serenity

People want to make their home a calming sanctuary and this year’s colors help to promote that feeling. We are seeing hues of blue, delicate greens, and supporting earth tones all aimed at helping us feel calm and centered. We’ve compiled a list of color trends from the industry’s leading trendsetters:

Hover over each tile for a description of each color.

an infusion of red-violet with a blue hue is perfect for pairing as an accent color with neutral colors.
a cool shade with a red undertone helping to bring cool and warm shades together.
a grey-green color with a hint of blue is a timeless color and creates a beautiful backdrop.
a gentle silvery sage
a soft, silvery-green shade with cool undertones.
an organic, warm white that evokes a feeling of simplicity and cleanliness.
a soft tawny pastel shade with a hint of warmth.
a tranquil and natural mid-blue color
a muted, protean green evoking a feeling of hope, healing, and balance.
a brighter, but soothing green that can bring an organic energy to any space
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