6 Benefits for Choosing Amish Furniture

When you are in the market to buy new furniture, there are so many options to choose from. It’s important to take into account many factors so you find exactly what you’re looking for.


Owning furniture that is durable and made of quality materials should be high up on your list, which is why Amish furniture is a great option to consider. Also, you may want to know where your furniture was made, if the materials are safe to be in your home, what color and style options are available, and more….


Keep reading to find out why you should consider furnishing the rooms with quality wood pieces made by the Amish.


Timeless Design + Detail

The Amish pride themselves on their timeless designs and it shows. The main styles they produce are Mission and Shaker styles, among others. Timeless designs provide you with longevity, versatility, and the ability to pass down pieces to family members down the road.


Each piece is built by hand, ensuring that all pieces fit together, creating a beautiful, strong finished product. Amish furniture is even hand-stained, making sure that there is consistency in the quality. Amish furniture pieces follow time-tested designs with attention to detail. The pieces make strong use of proportion and balance for a look that is pleasing to the eye and fitting in a variety of settings.


Durable, Solid Wood Construction

Amish furniture is no doubt quality-built and highly durable. The best pieces of wood are hand-selected and not used until it reaches its ideal maturity to maximize the strength and quality of the material. Using solid wood has many benefits, including the fact that hardwoods offer greater density, essentially making them stronger than composite wood-types that you typically find from mass-produced furniture.


The traditional methods used by the Amish have been passed down from generations of furniture makers. By applying these methods, they are able to continuously produce quality products That stand the test of time.


Environmentally Friendly

Amish furniture makers use environmentally-friendly methods when producing their products. While most furniture makers mass produce their pieces, the Amish do not use electricity while producing their products, nor do they drive motor vehicles to their workshop – both aiding in the reduction of pollution.


Additionally, the Amish use only real wood products rather than composite woods and the communities even plant new trees to replace those that they harvest.

Amish furniture makers utilize the practice of using as much of the wood as possible, producing little-to-no waste as much as possible, but on the off chance that there are extra pieces or scraps, they will repurpose them to use in another piece.


Large Variety

Amish furniture comes in a variety of styles for each and every room in your home. They offer many customizations, giving you the ability to personalize your space. At Metropolitan Furniture, we offer 5 different wood types, 17 paint and stain choices, and customizable sizes.


Lifetime Investment

Furniture made by the Amish stands the test of time. Although these pieces may cost a bit more than those that are mass produced, they will last for generations to come, allowing you to pass on to your family.


Made in America

Since Amish furniture is made right here in the US, purchasing one of these pieces puts money back into the economy, creates job opportunities, and supports local communities. You can rest assured that your purchase has not only provided you with quality furniture, but has helped continue the livelihood of other Americans.


For more information on Amish furniture checkout our Amish furniture collection here: AMISH FURNITURE

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