7 Home Decor Ideas to Update Your Living Room 

If you are ready to update your living room, try these 7 home decor ideas that will help without the cost of a complete redesign! Keep reading to learn more about these simple steps, including simple changes and quick furniture updates.


#1 Rearrange the Furniture

An easy way to update your home interior is to rearrange your furniture. This alone can revitalize your living room instantly.


#2 Add a Rug

Whether adding a rug to the living room’s decor or simply layering a smaller rug on top of your oversized area rug or carpet, your living room will easily look updated and fresh!


#3 Change Your Artwork

Utilize your own interior design skills by simply swapping out the artwork in your living room for an easy update! This is an easy way to get an updated look with little effort.



#4 Accessorize with Throw Pillows and Blankets

Another easy solution to update your home interior, specifically your living areas, is to accessorize the room with throw pillows and blankets. This simple update allows you to try out new styles, like colors, patterns, and textures, without the commitment. 



#5 Freshen Up Window Treatments

Updating your window treatments is another great way to hone in on your home decor skills! Simply change out your curtain’s tie backs, or for a little more pizzazz, add a pom-pom trim or try your hand at making your own!



#6 Update Bookshelves

Incorporate your living room bookshelves into the room’s aesthetic. You can easily do this by adding accessories or collectibles between the books that match your overall color scheme. Or even add shelf paper to the back wall or paint the shelves as your own home decor project.



#7 Incorporate Natural Elements

Adding plants or other natural elements, such as floral arrangements or winter pinecones, to your home’s interior design aesthetic is sure to make your living space feel relaxing as well. We recommend making your decisions on this type of decor by what season it currently is.


Design Tips

But just remember, an updated living room can be achieved without replacing expensive furniture or painting the walls. Small changes in updating decor can make all the difference at an affordable cost.


For more tips on how to arrange your home, visit our blog. Contact Metropolitan Furniture today for more information about our furniture and decor offerings, as well as our interior design services!

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