Creating a Versatile Spare Room

Traditionally, the American suburban home would have a dedicated guest room. Although a lovely idea, it just isn’t practical for modern homes. The average American family is busy. Each family member has their own hobbies and preferences for fun. It makes a lot of sense to use a spare in a way that is practical and useful for your family’s wants and needs.

It can be tricky trying to decide what you should use your spare room for. Should you use it as a gym, an office, or a game room? The answer is simple: Your spare room should serve a purpose that suits you and your family. A spare room can be used for multiple purposes.


What Should you Use a Spare Room for?

A spare room can be used as a game room, media room, craft room, home office, child’s playroom, music room, library, an extra living room, or as a guest room. A spare room can be two or more of these.

For example, your spare room could easily function as an extra living space, or “den”, as well as a guest room. A TV and a comfy couch on one end of the room, and a bed and nightstand on the other end will serve these purposes.

Also, a home office can easily also be a craft room. Use your desk as a space for work, and also as a craft table. Keep beads, yarn, or scrapbooking supplies organized in shelving units alongside office supplies. There are multiple ways to use a versatile spare room.


How do you Create a Multi-Purpose Spare Room?

Start by dividing the room into different areas, or “zones”. Each zone will serve a different purpose. Store all your sewing supplies in one area near your sewing table, for example.

In a media room, store all of the movies and video games near the TV. The sofa or chairs should be facing the tv. The sofa can be a great divider for the room, with the other “zone” starting on the other side of it.

If one side of your spare room is a playroom, store all of the toys together near an open space for playing. Keep dollhouses and other large toys nearby along the wall.

You can also create zones by having one of the “zones” put away unless it is in use. In the office/craft room example, the room could be an office most days with all of your craft supplies put away in a cabinet. Put your laptop away and pull out your craft supplies to utilize the craft “zone”.


Maximizing Space in a Versatile Spare Room

One of the most important things you can do for your versatile spare room is to maximize the space, especially if it is a small room. There are a few ways to accomplish this.

First, consider purchasing furniture that has more than one use. Use a chest as a coffee table for your den area, storing extra blankets, movies, or books inside. A bed platform with many drawers can serve as additional storage for an office or craft room, as well. A sleeper sofa is a perfect solution for a living space/guest room.

Choose an organizing system that doesn’t use too much space. Cube shelves, underbed organizers, and pocket organizers that hang on the back of a door are some easy ways to organize a small space. Tall bookshelves that don’t use too much floor space are always a classy solution.

Take advantage of vertical storage options. Corkboards, pegboards, and vertical cubby organizers are all simple ways to take advantage of otherwise empty wall space.

We know how stressful it can be to create a functional multi-use spare room. Choosing the best use for the room, the right furniture, and figuring out storage can be daunting. The perfect versatile spare room is one that uses the space well, suits your needs, and is well arranged. This guide is a way to get the ideas for your spare room flowing. For more spare-room inspiration or to shop our selection of furniture please visit us.

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