Creating the Perfect Home Office

Working from home in the current state the nation is in, is a bit overwhelming. Especially if you’re a parent or a person that likes to separate your personal life from your work life. Having to be in one constant place navigating so many worlds and responsibilities can feel like a revolving door.  This tends to create unhealthy boundaries and takes away from your sense of safety and normality. A big way to reclaiming your space and to help manage your emotions/ priorities is creating a space for your home office. Having a home office or designated work area will in turn motivate you to keep a routine and maintain structure. We know this is rather a big transition and you’re probably thinking like “what would you need to make a home office functional, personal, but not too personal to the point that it becomes more of a hangout spot than an office”. Just breathe…we have a quick step-by-step guide to creating the perfect home office.

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Choosing the Space

Working off your kitchen island or dining table isn’t the best option for a functioning office space. Many people don’t have the option of having a separate room for an office so finding an area can be difficult, but important. If you don’t have a separate room then you can look at converting a space in your basement or using a corner in your living room. Consider dividing the space using bookcases or a partition to help define the space.

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You want to make sure that your office space is functional but it doesn’t mean you need a lot of furniture. Metropolitan Furniture offers a wide range of great desks that range from simple writing style to large executive desks. In addition, we also offer a full file of storage options, such as bookcases and storage cabinets. Our vendors have also made life easier by creating home office sets that coordinate your whole office space in one style.

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Personal Touch

Adding your personal flare to your office to give it personality is definitely encouraged! This will give you that motivation to want to stay in the space versus drifting all over your home interrupting your workflow. Putting up some art or adding a few plants are a great start to making your office “yours.” Also, you want to be aware of what’s in view when you’re on your Zoom meetings. Having your back to the wall, partition, or bookcase will help you create a professional, stylish backdrop.

We know that a home office is a project and can feel more stressful than what its worth. With that in mind consider using an interior designer to help maximize your space. This will eliminate any additional anxiety and will give you the best outlook for your new office. We offer those services but before you make a decision take a look at our blog on “Why you should hire an interior designer.”

The perfect home office should be comfortable, functional, and foster productivity. Transforming a space can be somewhat intimidating but trust us when we say you need it. Your productivity is bound to rise unless in fact you’ve made your office too comfortable and, in that case, enjoy your much-needed nap on us at Metropolitan Furniture.

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