Four Reasons on to Buy Amish Furniture

Where do you get your furniture from? Don’t answer that the answer is most likely Ikea, Facebook marketplace or the most reliable place you can think of…. on the side of the road. We all like a good bargain even more so we all like free. But how often has free needed to be replaced or the Facebook marketplace purchase just wasn’t what you thought it would turn out to be. We tend to be discouraged from purchasing from furniture stores with their catchy commercials and cheesy jingles because sometimes one just doesn’t fully trust the quality of the piece or perhaps is a bit iffy of the integrity of the seller. These are real concerns that some people have and we want to offer another furniture outlet for you to get quality, integrity, heavy-duty, respectable furniture that is long-lasting and worth every penny. That outlet would be Amish Furniture. You’re probably thinking like what, why would I buy Amish furniture? Outside of what you may think Amish furniture is, your thoughts wouldn’t be able to describe the beauty and craftsmanship in the pieces they produce.

Made in the USA

Amish furniture is made right here on American soil ensuring jobs and creating opportunities for men and women to enhance their local communities and providing an authentic furniture base. While also giving Americans peace of mind knowing that what they are purchasing is made at home and rest assured that their product is in good hands.

Quality & Craftsmanship

Amish furniture is handcrafted with real solid hardwoods. It is not furniture that has been modified with chemical or artificial wood rather furniture that has been built with you in mind to last generations. Cutting corners on materials causes quick wear and tear which is why Amish furniture is made with the best material for durability, stability, and last ability. Each piece can take up to 8 weeks to be built depending on the item, this is due to products not being mass produced. Amish furniture cannot be compared to big furniture corporations because of the skill and time the Amish place into their work to ensure a quality piece just for you.


Once known for the typical Mission or country look, Amish designs have expanded quite a lot to include more modern designs allowing something for everyone. Amish furniture gives you a large selection of customizations to choose from, giving you the ability to create something unique. Metropolitan Furniture offers 5 different wood types, an array of 17 paint and stains, and the ability to customize sizes to suit your needs.

Great Value

The first rule in purchasing furniture is that “you get what you pay for” and if you choose to go the more bargain friendly route don’t be surprised if your dining table only lasts you a few years versus a lifetime. Amish furniture was built to last, built to be passed down, mostly it was built for real people to enjoy without wondering if it was a good investment or not. Though the price tag may be a bit more than what you are used to paying, trust us it is worth every penny.

For more information on Amish furniture checkout our Amish furniture collection at https://www.metropolitanfurniture.net/yutzy-woodworking/brand-type.aspx

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