How to Make a Large Living Room Feel Cozy

If you have a large, sparse living room, it may feel cold and impersonal. You may be wondering if it is possible to make your living room feel warm and cozy. There are several steps you can take to make your room seem more inviting and personal.

Can a Large Living Room Feel Cozy?

Yes, a large living room can feel cozy! If the right steps are taken, you can make this space warm and welcoming. Read the following guide to learn some tips and tricks for transforming your living room into a more homey, comfy living room.


What are Some Ways I can Make my Living Room More Homey?

There are several ways to make a large living room feel snug and comfortable. Below are several ways you can accomplish just that.

  • Divided spaces. One of the best ways to take advantage of a large living room is to divide it into different areas. A small sitting room in the middle of a large space looks lonely and cold. Dividing your large living room into smaller areas by making one side a sitting area and the other side a reading area or an office. Make use of tables and rugs to separate the two areas. Dividing the room in this way breaks up the large room and makes for functional use of the entire space, not to mention each smaller area will feel much more snug and welcoming.
  • Have fun With Colors, Textures, and Patterns. The usual advice for a small space is to stick to light or neutral colors. The opposite is true, also. To make a large room feel cozier, try warm, bold, and fun colors on the walls. Reds, blues, and yellows make for the coziest living rooms. Choose a large rug with a bold pattern, or a floral wallpaper with large, oversized blooms on it. Mix and match different colors and textures with your furniture, walls, and accessories. This adds interest and a personal touch to your decor.
  • Decorate the Walls. Less busy walls make small rooms seem larger. For cozier walls, it makes sense to hang more decor. A large living room is a perfect place for your collections of paintings, wall hangings, or knick-knacks. Keeping the wall busy helps break up the large surface and makes the room more fun, colorful, and interesting. Consider a gallery wall of paintings by local artists, vintage brass hangings, or a wall of mirrors. Each of these will create an interesting display that can reflect your personality and at some flair to the room.
  • Double up on the Furniture. Having more furniture in a larger living room makes sense, doesn’t it? Consider buying not just one, but two sofas. Arrange them facing each other on a large, colorful rug. This gives a fun mirrored effect and makes great use of the large space. Consider having two floor-to-ceiling bookshelves on either side of a window or the fireplace. This helps create a focal point for the room and is the perfect way to take advantage of high ceilings. Consider having more side tables, chairs, and shelves than you would have in a smaller space. This gives you more chances to include interesting pieces, fills the room, and gives you ample storage.


For more tips on how to arrange your home, visit our blog. Contact Metropolitan Furniture today for more information or shop our large collection of living room furniture here.

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