Personalizing Your Bedroom with Accent Pieces

Are you bored with your bedroom? Are you thinking of sprucing it up? Consider adding some accent pieces of furniture to liven up the place. Accent pieces can add fun, personality, and color to a sterile or boring room.

You may be asking yourself what an accent piece is. Read the following guide to learn what an accent piece is, and some great examples you should consider for your bedroom.


What is an Accent Piece?

Accent furniture is usually not the main focus of a room. Instead, it adds an extra bit of character, charm, or color to a room. Also, an accent piece is not chosen for its functionality, but more for decoration. A great accent piece will make your room seem more interesting with its tone, texture, or dramatic flair.


Accent Pieces you Should Consider

There are many different types of accent pieces to choose from. Many people feel overwhelmed when shopping for accent pieces. The following guide describes some of the most common types of accent pieces and how you can use them in your bedroom.



Decorating with mirrors is an excellent way to add some extra light to a dark, depressing bedroom. There are many different styles of decorative mirrors to choose from.

Pick an ornate mirror with a gold detailed frame to give your room a sense of regality. If your tastes are more modern, several mirrors in simple, geometric shapes are a fun way to decorate your walls. Hang mirrors opposite a bright window for maximum light reflection.


Benches and Chaises

Accent benches or chaise lounges are an excellent way to provide a bit of drama, flair, and extra seating to your bedroom. These pieces come in many styles, textures, and colors. Choose a heavily tufted velvet chaise in a fun color to add a comfy, snug feeling to your bedroom.

If bulky furniture isn’t your style, keep things light and modern with a sleek bench in neutral tones with tapering legs. This style allows more light to flow through the space and keeps things from feeling too cramped.


Accent Chairs

Adding chairs to your bedroom can do more than provide additional seating. Creating a sitting area in your bedroom makes it a multi-functional space. A comfy wingback chair and a small bookcase create your own mini-library in your bedroom.

This is a perfect place to use some accent chairs to add some pops of color. A couple of brightly-colored accent chairs in the corners of the room can brighten the whole look of the room. You can even use them to reflect colors, patterns, and prints elsewhere in the room, like on your bedspread or curtains.


Decorative Cupboards and Armoires

Placing a beautiful shelf, cupboard, or credenza in your room elevates your room with a level of elegance. Instead of a boring TV stand, consider a decorative cupboard or even an ornate armoire. These can be used as a side table, as well.

Choose a piece with beautifully textured doors or one that is covered in a fun pattern. Using an antique-style armoire to store your bedclothes and linens makes for a classy storage solution.


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