Popular Styles of Dining Tables

Whether you are furnishing a new home or just switching up your style, getting a new dining table can be exciting. There are so many different styles to choose from, how can you know what style of table is best for you? The following guide covers some of the most popular styles of dining tables so that you can see which suits you and your home best.

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Contemporary Style Tables

Contemporary design, in basic terms, means what is popular and stylish in current times. A contemporary dining room will have an open-space concept, be airy and full of light, and will not have overly heavy or ornate furnishing. Typically, light colors like white, gray, or lightly-stained wood are best. The kind of dining table that will fit this room will be sleek, minimal, and designed simply.

A contemporary dining table can be made of many materials. Marble, metal, wood, and glass are all excellent choices for this design style. Likewise, there are many choices of shapes. Round, square, rectangle or oval tables can all work in a contemporary dining room, as long as it has clean lines and a simple design. A glass-topped table with simple metal legs would be a perfect contemporary table, as would a marble-topped table with straight, wooden legs.

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Country Style Dining Tables

A country-style dining table will be a great fit if your home is done in a country or farmhouse style. A country dining table is casual, warm, and welcoming. They are usually made of a natural material, like wood. They can be painted or left at a natural finish; often the table top will be left natural. This style of dining table is perfect for your home if your personal style is casual or rustic.

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Mid-Century Modern Dining Tables

Mid-century modern has been a very popular style for homes in the last few years. Mid-century modern is known for its sleek furnishings and decor and clean lines. A mid-century modern dining table could be round or rectangular, with clean lines and no embellishment or ornate details. It will be slim, often with tapered legs. They are usually wood, but can come in other materials as well. This style of table is a great choice for homes done in mid-century, contemporary, or transitional style homes.

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Traditional Dining Tables

Traditional dining tables are usually large and have beautiful detail carved into the legs and edges of the table. They are often wood with a dark stain, although they can come in other materials. The chairs also have ornate details and often plush seats. This kind of dining table really makes a statement and is perfect for you if your home is stately or done in a traditional style.

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Transitional Style Tables

The transitional style is a blending of traditional with contemporary design elements. A transitional dining room will be a mix of old and new, such as more traditional heavy wood furnishings with light, modern decor.

A dining table in a transitional dining room will be timeless, classic, and one that will last decades. Look for a heavy wooden table in a neutral color or stain. Don’t be afraid to choose one with beautiful, ornate details. You can get wooden chairs to match, or mix and match more modern style chairs. Consider placing a sleek, modern light fixture over the table to complete the transitional look.

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