JoJo Recliner

Take a relaxing seat in this smaller scaled, cushioned lift chair recliner. The soft curves and pillow padded arms bring great comfort to this chair. Not only is this lift chair recliner comfortable, but it is also stylish. The easy-to-use power hand wand allows a smooth, effortless reclining and lifting motion at the touch of a button. While preferences for the size and scale of a recliner varies for everyone, this recliner is recommended to fit individuals who are up to 5’7″ tall and less than 325 pounds. Take advantage of it’s petite size and our unique Space Saver® feature that allows you to place it 3-5″ from the wall and still recline all the way back. Choose from hundreds of Best Home Furnishings fabrics and over 45 leathers to customize your furniture collection to reflect your personality.



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