Spare Room and Multifunctional Space Ideas

With everyone either working from home or doing online classes, space has become extremely limited or in some cases nonexistent. Rooms no longer have their sole purpose anymore instead they have turned into theatre plays with multiple set changes to meet everyone’s needs. The spare room has morphed into a classroom for the kids’ homeschooling, an office for your Tuesday afternoon conference meetings, and a bedroom for your guests if they’re even able to recognize it as such. Now don’t get us wrong there’s nothing wrong with your space being used for many things, however, it is wrong when that space can no longer function the way it was intended. There are ways to stage your spare room tactfully to where it can fully function as a home office/ classroom/ guest bedroom/ and whatever else you need it to be without causing any interference. Follow along as we give you some quick and easy tips to make your spare room or any other space multifunctional.


Dividing off a room can be a great asset for a variety of interior spaces. Sectioning can create the illusion of more space, while at the same time define specific areas, provide privacy, and in some cases be used as a noise barrier. Ways to break up a space would be to use the following: bookshelves, curtains, sliding barn door, folding screens, rugs, you can even break up an area by positioning specific furniture pieces a certain way. Sectioning will also add a level of style and personality to the room.

Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture is furniture that is capable to accomplish more than one purpose. Therefore, choosing furniture pieces that can shift or function as multiple things will allow for additional space. With that having furniture in your spare room that’s able to shapeshift easily will eliminate the hassle of having to swap out furniture. For example, having a futon that folds out to a bed, an ottoman that can double as a chaise or additional seating, or a coffee table that can open into a chest for storage. Furniture like this is a great way to make the most of a space with little to no effort.

Compact Furniture

Unlike multifunctional furniture, compact furniture is relatively small or packed together to make for more room. Having a nook that’s attached to the wall that can fold versus having a large desk would be considered compact. Furniture of this nature will provide you with all the aesthetics of fully functional furniture but with less bulkiness.

Vertical Storage

Adding shelving and hooks to utilize the walls will give you more storage options. This method will also help to condense the usage of floor space while accentuating the walls, making the room appear larger.

Making the most of a space is no easy task and can be very taxing if you’re not sure on what to do. These tips are a quick way to giving your spare room or any room for that matter more space, flexibility, and functionality. If you are wanting more information on this particular topic or other interior questions, please feel free to contact us at

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