6 Tips for Moving Furniture on Hardwood Floors

Are you moving furniture, but stressed about damaging your hardwood floors? Since moving furniture on hardwood floors can be stressful, find out how to move these precious pieces on hardwood floors safely with these furniture moving tips!


6 Tips for Moving Furniture on Hardwood Floors


1. Get Assistance from Others

You should never move heavy furniture on your own, which is why we suggest you recruit friends or family to help you with this task. Small items, such as side tables, can be moved with just one person if the piece is rather light. If you are trying to move heavier furniture, like a bed or dresser, you need assistance to avoid injury to yourself, and to avoid damage to the furniture and floors. If friends or family are not available, you can always look to hire a professional.


2. Take Apart the Furniture

When moving a large piece of furniture, it can be helpful to take it apart before trying to move it. By doing this, the weight of your load will lighten considerably and the separate pieces of furniture will make it easier to handle/move. 

We recommend doing this to all large pieces of furniture, including::

  • Dressers –  by removing the drawers
  • Beds – by disassembling the headboards and mattresses
  • Chairs and sofas – by removing the cushions
  • Large tables – by removing the legs


3. Clear the Area

Before moving your furniture, make sure that all rugs and other things in the area are moved and not in the way. The last thing you want to do is trip or fall over something while moving heavy furniture. If something like that happens, it’s more likely that your furniture or floors will become damaged. Although your hardwood floors will be exposed, the risk of injury is far greater and more important to avoid. 


4. Use Sliders or Discs

If your furniture is a heavy item, such as a dining table, sofa, or bed, using floor protectors like sliders or discs are a smart option to utilize. These help the furniture glide across the floor without leaving scratches or scuffs. You can find these online, at a moving store, and sometimes they are available at furniture stores.


5. Use Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are another good option to use as well. They are also designed to protect your hardwood floors and furniture from scratches and scuffs.These blankets are available at moving stores and online. If you cannot find these, heavy towels can sometimes be used too.


6. Get a Soft-Wheeled Dolly

Dollies are great as well when moving heavy furniture, but make sure you use a soft-wheeled dolly so your hardwood floors are protected. Hard-wheeled dollies have been known to cause scuffs on floors. However, when moving extremely heavy items, dollies can be difficult to handle due to the weight of the furniture.


Here at Metropolitan Furniture, we understand how important it is to protect your hardwood floors, as well as your furniture pieces. Our 32,000 sq. ft. showroom offers many options of furniture to choose from, as well as the expertise to help you learn how to move your furniture safely without damaging your wood floors. Contact us today!

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