Tips on Buying a Sofa

This sofa is too hard, this sofa is too soft, this sofa is just right. This is every adult’s biggest quest when purchasing a sofa, finding the right one. Buying the right sofa is just as important as buying the right mattress. A sofa is one of the most used furniture pieces in a person’s home. With that type of popularity shouldn’t your sofa be just rightttt!  Take a seat and make yourself comfortable and write down these “Tips on Buying a Sofa.”

Space & Measurements. How big is the room you are going to be placing the sofa in? That spacing will determine specific measurements of the sofa you will need to get. Will this sofa be outside or inside? Will it be in the living room or a bedroom? Knowing the space gives you more insight into what type of sofa you should purchase.

Style & Function. There are multiple styles of sofas that have different functions that make them each unique. Are you wanting your sofa for a bachelor pad or for a family home? Knowing these details gives you a leg up on what will last in your home.

Color & Material. Do you want your sofa to be the centerpiece of the room or do you want your sofa to be more neutral in the room? Sofa color plays a role in style, personality, how well will stains show, and overall ecstatic of how the space will translate. The sofas outer material/fabric is very important for functionality, style, and cleaning purposes. Do you smoke or have pets? Certain materials can trap odors while others are harder to clean. We offer a wide range of stain-resistant options that customers love. No need to worry about clumsy friends, dirty animals, or careless kids. Check out the full line of Crypton fabric line.

Comfort. Many people choose sofas as just another piece of furniture or for the beauty it brings to a space. However, comfort will be the factor of does this sofa go in the family room or does it go in the room that is off-limits. Comfort is essential in finding your just right. Always test your sofa before buying, sit on it, lay on it, cross your legs, stretch out, sit with others, do a little bounce. This may seem silly but trust us this way you find the sofa that fits you.

Budget. How much money you have to spend on a sofa will determine if you can afford a used sofa or a new sofa. A used sofa is a sofa that has had a previous owner and is now for sale while a new sofa is just that new. It has not had any previous owners and is straight from seller to buyer. Whichever you can afford should not make you lose sight of all the previous tips. You can still purchase the sofa just right for you even if you have a smaller budget.

We hope that with these tips you will buy the sofa just right for you because buying the right sofa is just as important as buying the right mattress.

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