Ways to Jazz up your Neutral Palette in Your Living Room

In the everyday home, we are always looking for ways to bring a little “pop” into a space while maintaining its integrity and simplicity. This minor task can become a renovation project if one doesn’t know the little secret behind “less is more” or “you can do a lot for just a little, if you know what you’re doing.” In this blog we will be featuring ways to jazz up your neutral palette in your living room, and hopefully by the time you’re done reading this, you will have saved lots of money and you will know exactly what you are doing.

There are lots of ways to jazz up your neutral living room without ever having to open a bucket of paint or feeling like you have to overwhelm the space to bring in personality. So here are 3 easy ways to jazz up your Neutral Palette in your living room.

Splash of Color

Finding smart and tasteful ways to feature color will accentuate the room in a great way. Color should always be on purpose when trying to make a space feel whole, warm, and welcoming. Color can be brought in by having a simple furniture piece that happens to make a bold statement or it can be brought in throughout the living room in complimenting places.  A few places that will help bring in color that won’t take away from the space would be the following: Curtains, decorative pillows, rugs, and or artwork. These areas are typical color markers to help jazz up a space.


Different patterns and shapes tend to create more depth. If your living room is more of a closed concept, it can feel very boxed in. However, adding elements of texture will most often open the room up. If you have furniture in your living area that are more square/rectangular framed, it would be appropriate to have more variety of differently shaped accent pieces such as a round area rug or a round coffee table or even having things of different heights around the room. Don’t be afraid of texture, texture is your friend.


How bright or dim your living room is can make it hard to enjoy. Having different types of lighting is essential to bringing life to this area. The main types of lighting to be aware of is natural lighting, room lighting, and mood lighting. Natural lighting is the lighting that comes from the sun or the outside, this lighting is essential for the day. Room lighting is the lighting that is coming from your light fixtures/lamps when you turn them on without any adjusting. When it comes to room lighting, bulb wattage is very important this determines how much fluorescent (bright) light or incandescent (yellow) light you want in your living room. Mood lighting is the lighting that you can adjust to using a dimmer or different types of lamps. This lighting helps to set the mood or tone you are wanting to establish in this space. Make your living room lighting go from dull to wow the lighting in here is great.

Finding ways to jazz up your neutral palette living room doesn’t have to give you a headache or break the bank. Hopefully with these 3 easy steps of adding color, texture and lighting your living room will be the space everyone will want to live in. Neutral doesn’t have be boring if you know what you’re doing.

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