Why you should hire an interior designer

We all think we have impeccable style when it comes to clothes, we all think we have food critic taste when it comes to restaurants, and we all THINK WE KNOW HOW TO MAKE A HOUSE A HOME. Getting dressed up for the right occasion is not the same as dressing each room in your home to reflect you as a person or you as a family. Many of us do not know when it’s time to call in reinforcements to help us turn our newlywed home from college dorm to honey my parents are coming to visit next weekend. Let us help you in answering the questions we all try to avoid when it comes to transforming a space  “Why you should hire an interior designer?”

Before we get into the when and the why you should hire an interior designer, let’s first answer the what. What is an interior designer? An interior designer is a person who specializes in the process of decorating or executing a design pattern or look for the inside of a home or workspace. We like to say that an interior designer is the one with “the eye” for making a house a home.

When it comes to hiring an interior designer we all want to know the benefits of why we should go with them versus just watching a few tutorials on Youtube or pinning a few looks on Pinterest and trying to execute a design ourselves? The answer is quite simple “YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE DOING”, you just assume that hiring an interior designer is going to cost you an arm and a leg and you’re not going to be satisfied. Here are just a few benefits of Why you should hire an interior designer:

Saves You Money
Do it yourself (DIY) projects are only cost-effective if you have that skill set or similar skills that can accompany you in fulfilling your task. Most often you will overspend on materials or not purchase enough materials. Interior designers know ways to cut costs or make the most with what you have. They also know where the deals are.

Saves You Time
Interior Designers are use to working on deadlines and can often come up with a personalized design in less than half the time it will take you to pick a paint color for your kitchen. Interior designers will often have a team with them or they will have outsourced certain aspects of the project which allows for quicker turnover and gives you peace of mind that the job is in good hands.

Reuse and Repurpose Items
A lot of times when we are trying to redo or update a space we tend to throw a lot of items out not realizing that those items can be reused or repurposed for something else. Interior designers are very resourceful and realistically will know how much something will cost firsthand and how to make the most of something. They will tend to use not wanted items or outdated materials and transform them into artwork, furniture, accessory, or use the materials to enhance or fix something of value that otherwise would be thrown out.

You will be Beyond Satisfied
As we like to say interior designers have “the eye,” their main objective is to see your vision brought to life and to see you light up with joy. They are skilled professionals that you have you in mind every step of the way because your home should be the best reflection of you as a person and you as a family.

The question we almost forgot to answer “when,” When should you hire an interior designer? TODAY!

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