Wood Types Used with Amish Furniture

For many decades, the Amish has enriched our communities through creating jobs for men and women right here on American soil through the building of fine handmade furniture.  They have been known and valued for their discipline, craftsmanship and their production of top-of-the-line furniture. Each furniture piece is built with integrity and with the standard that each piece can and will stand the test of time. Now we know you’re probably thinking “well how can that be when the average life span of furniture is 7-15 years?” The truth is, is that quality furniture is not overly based on the manufacturer rather the materials that are used. Having the best resources make for the best product. The Amish use the finest grade of upholstery fabrics and most importantly they use their own authentic, natural wood that they maintain, chop, and carve themselves. The Amish offer plenty of choice woods selections however, we’re going to take a closer look specifically at six of those woods that we at Metropolitan Furniture are very fond of.

Red Oak – Oak is generally the most popular kind of wood used to craft finer, more durable pieces of furniture. It varies in color from cream to a warm brown. It is typically used for traditionally styled homes. A few characteristics of red oak are:

  • the tones in the wood are of an orange-reddish color.
  • it is an open grain meaning the stain absorbs into the grain, therefore, making the wood darker.
  • It is very durable and often best used for cabinetry, flooring, and bedroom furniture

Quarter Sawn White Oak – Quarter Sawn White Oak is typically used for more mission and arts & craft style homes. A few characteristics of quarter-sawn white oak are:

  • That the tones in the wood are of cooler undertones
  • It has a tight grain because of the linear grain pattern it has with the way the tree is cut.
  • It absorbs stain richly and evenly.
  • Very durable.

Cherry – Cherry is also known as “fruitwood,” it has a smooth texture and tends to darken over time. A few characteristics of cherry wood are:

  • The tones in the wood are of a reddish-brown hue.
  • It has circular grain pattern.
  • It is a softer hardwood meaning it is quite durable and strong but is softer than other hardwoods.
  • Best used for dining furniture.

Elm – Elm wood has a unique grain that gives a bold finish that makes it a good choice for furniture sets. A few characteristics of elm wood are:

  • The tones are of a reddish-brown hue.
  • It has an interlocking wood grain with a ring pattern and uneven texture.
  • It is a softer hardwood.
  • It is also a good use for bats, wagon wheels, tool handles, and much more.

Hickory – Hickory wood is known to be a type of rustic wood. It is typically used for cabins or lodges. A few characteristics of hickory wood are:

  • The tones are of contrasts between red and cream.
  • It has a medium grain texture that gives an earthy feel.
  • It is the strongest wood available in North America.
  • Best used for bedroom and dining furniture

Brown Maple – Brown Maple wood has a unique blend of natural colors which gives it the ability to be used as multiple types of furniture. A few characteristics of brown maple wood are:

  • The tones are streaks of gray, brown, tan, white, and cream.
  • It has a medium grain which allows for the wood to stain well.
  • Very durable.
  • Best used for chairs, desks, and bed frames.

Now that you have taken a closer look at the wood, how about taking an even closer look at our Amish furniture collection because when it comes to solid, handcrafted, long-lasting furniture you can’t go wrong when you’re going with the Amish.

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