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7 Tips for Maximizing a Small Living Room Space

Living in a small space doesn’t mean you have the feel cramped. With some design tricks and the right furniture, you can create a beautiful, comfortable, open-feeling living room. Check out these 7 tips that can help maximize your space: 1. Use Open Furniture. Bulky furniture can easily overwhelm your space. Using furniture that has open spaces allows light to flow throughout the room making the space feel more open. Cabinets or bookcases are great options for displaying and storage. You can always get decorative boxes to hide your stuff. 2. Think Minimally. More isn’t better, especially when you have a small space. Take time to declutter your space by getting rid of items you don’t need or rarely use. You may need to take some inspiration from Marie Kondo . 3. Use Multifunctional Furniture. Because your space is small, having furniture that can serve multiple functions is a necessity. Here are some great examples: Having a sofa table that can double as a desk like the Valerie Sofa