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Repairing Your Solid Wood Furniture

Solid wood furniture is an excellent investment. It will last a lifetime if well cared for. Unfortunately, life can happen and cause damage to your lovely solid-wood pieces. Thankfully, some minor repairs are easy to handle yourself. Read on to learn more about repairing your solid wood furniture. How to Repair Solid Wood Furniture Guide Different kinds of damage can happen to solid wood furniture. Some of these you can repair yourself. The following section covers some of these kinds of damage and how to handle them. Assess any Damage Before trying to repair your solid wood furniture, you must assess the damage. Different supplies and techniques will be needed depending on the type of damage. Water damage, dents, cracks, scratches, and burns will all require different tools and methods for repair. More severe damage may require a professional. Once you have assessed the damage, it is time to gather supplies. Supplies you may Need There are several supplies you will need to do a furnit

Popular Styles of Dining Tables

Whether you are furnishing a new home or just switching up your style, getting a new dining table can be exciting. There are so many different styles to choose from, how can you know what style of table is best for you? The following guide covers some of the most popular styles of dining tables so that you can see which suits you and your home best. Contemporary Style Tables Contemporary design, in basic terms, means what is popular and stylish in current times. A contemporary dining room will have an open-space concept, be airy and full of light, and will not have overly heavy or ornate furnishing. Typically, light colors like white, gray, or lightly-stained wood are best. The kind of dining table that will fit this room will be sleek, minimal, and designed simply. A contemporary dining table can be made of many materials. Marble, metal, wood, and glass are all excellent choices for this design style. Likewise, there are many choices of shapes. Round, square, rectangle or oval tables