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11 Tips to Create a Cozy Living Room

Living rooms are often the center of the home. It’s where we nap, watch tv, read, hang out with friends, play with the kids, and for some, work. In this blog, we share practical design tips for creating a cozy living room that you and your family will want to hang out in. Upgrade to Comfortable Furniture  Oversized or plush furniture invites people to kick back and relax. If your space allows, choose a sectional with a chaise or an extra deep sofa, which are both perfect for napping.   Select Soft Fabrics Chenille fabrics is known for its velvety texture that invites people to relax. Available in a wide range of colors and patterns, you are sure to find an option that suits your style.   Get a Plush Rug Anchor your space with a fabulous plush rug. Nothing says comfort than a soft shag rug under your feet!   Create a Conversation Layout Grouping your furniture into layouts that promote conversation gives the space an intimate feel. This often means moving the furniture from the perimet

How to Choose the Right Dining Table

For many of us, the dining room is the heart of the home. It is where we spend time with friends and family eating, talking, playing games, just enjoying one’s company. Because your dining table is so important you want to make sure that you purchase the right one. Here are a few things to consider when making a purchase. Table Style Your dining set is the focal point of your dining room so you want to make sure that it works with your current style or d├ęcor unless you are planning to overhaul the look of the room. You may consider going with a simple design like the Darrel Leg Table or the Lawson Table , which will allow you to easily blend several styles. The other style elements that you want to consider is the base configuration. There are 3 main base configurations: leg , single pedestal , double pedestal/trestle . Each style has its pros and cons, so you want to consider them carefully: Leg Style: a leg style table is easy to extend and typically can offer the longest extension.