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7 Furniture Trends of 2023

Believe it or not, but 2022 is almost over! Can you believe it?! With that in mind, we decided to offer a few  furniture trends  that are bound to make a splash in the upcoming year! From locally-sourced furniture to curved and comfy pieces, 2023 is going to bring in a new wave of  furniture trends  that you just can’t miss! Keep reading to find out what’s going to be TRENDING in 2023! 1. Colorful, Patterned Furniture Go bold! Colorful, patterned pieces always make a statement and really pack a punch to any room! If you’ve had an eye for a vibrant piece for some time, now is the time to add it to your space! Consider everything from stripes to patterns, bright colors to fun textures. Let your imagination run wild! 2. Comfort With many people adjusting their daily routines these past few years, comfort has become key. Having furniture that is comfy and easy to relax on makes all the difference these days. However, don’t fret – you can have stylish furniture that is comfortable too! We o

6 Tips for Moving Furniture on Hardwood Floors

Are you  moving furniture , but stressed about damaging your hardwood floors? Since  moving furniture  on hardwood floors can be stressful, find out how to move these precious pieces on hardwood floors safely with these  furniture moving tips! 1. Get Assistance from Others You should never move heavy furniture on your own, which is why we suggest you recruit friends or family to help you with this task. Small items, such as side tables, can be moved with just one person if the piece is rather light. If you are trying to move heavier furniture, like a bed or dresser, you need assistance to avoid injury to yourself, and to avoid damage to the furniture and floors. If friends or family are not available, you can always look to hire a professional. 2. Take Apart the Furniture When moving a large piece of furniture, it can be helpful to take it apart before trying to move it. By doing this, the weight of your load will lighten considerably and the separate pieces of furniture will make it e