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Personalizing Your Bedroom with Accent Pieces

Are you bored with your bedroom? Are you thinking of sprucing it up? Consider adding some accent pieces of furniture to liven up the place. Accent pieces can add fun, personality, and color to a sterile or boring room. You may be asking yourself what an accent piece is. Read the following guide to learn what an accent piece is, and some great examples you should consider for your bedroom. What is an Accent Piece? Accent furniture is usually not the main focus of a room. Instead, it adds an extra bit of character, charm, or color to a room. Also, an accent piece is not chosen for its functionality, but more for decoration. A great accent piece will make your room seem more interesting with its tone, texture, or dramatic flair. Accent Pieces you Should Consider There are many different types of accent pieces to choose from. Many people feel overwhelmed when shopping for accent pieces. The following guide describes some of the most common types of accent pieces and how you can use them in

Elran Custom Seating Options

  We are excited about our newest line of furniture from elran, a manufacturer of recliners, sofas, and sectionals. They offer over 50 years of building quality products that have lasted decades. Their wide range of products are custom made for the consumer. They offer a range of styles and configurations all of which are available in a variety of fabrics, leathers, leather/vinyl combinations, and options such as power recliners. We love elran’s Series 7000 line which offers full custom options so you can truly create your own sofa, loveseat, or sectional. Check out their custom options below: Check Out More Popular Styles Many of the styles are available as sectional, sofas, arm chairs, and recliners ...

How to Make a Large Living Room Feel Cozy

  If you have a large, sparse living room, it may feel cold and impersonal. You may be wondering if it is possible to make your living room feel warm and cozy. There are several steps you can take to make your room seem more inviting and personal. Can a Large Living Room Feel Cozy? Yes, a large living room can feel cozy! If the right steps are taken, you can make this space warm and welcoming. Read the following guide to learn some tips and tricks for transforming your living room into a more homey, comfy living room. What are Some Ways I can Make my Living Room More Homey? There are several ways to make a large living room feel snug and comfortable. Below are several ways you can accomplish just that. Divided spaces.   One of the best ways to take advantage of a large living room is to divide it into different areas. A small sitting room in the middle of a large space looks lonely and cold. Dividing your large living room into smaller areas by making one side a sitting area and the ot