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How to Make a Small Living Room Feel Larger

  Living rooms that feel dark and cramped are no fun. They can seem small and depressing. Thankfully, there are several ways to make a small living room seem larger. The following are some ways you can make your tiny living room feel bigger and brighter. Choose Light Colors for the Walls When choosing a paint color, pick a light shade. White is always great, but grays or tans work well, too. If you find those a bit boring, pastel colors can make a room seem warm and inviting, without making it seem smaller. Colors like lavender, light blue, and pale pink are great choices to add some color without making the space feel dark. Choose Window Coverings That Allow Light One of the simplest ways to make a room seem larger is to get more light into the room. Having more light in the room makes it feel bright and spacious. The easiest way to do this is by changing your window dressings. Instead of bulky, dark curtains, pick some that are airy and sheer. Another option is a pull-down shade that