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Why you Should Consider Flexsteel Furniture

Finding good-quality furniture at low prices is a challenge. There are so many choices to consider at the furniture store, that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Thankfully, Flexsteel furniture offers durable pieces at affordable prices, and in many styles and colors. Read on to learn more about Flexsteel furniture, and why you should consider it. Variety of Styles and Colors Flexsteel furniture has been around since the 1890s. Since that time, Flexsteel has garnered a reputation for making high-quality furniture that is durable as well as a variety of options in style and color. Flexsteel sofas, sectionals, and chairs are available in multiple styles of frames. There are hundreds of fabric and color choices available, as well. Some fabric options included are cotton, polyester, genuine leather, and leather blend. You can choose the style, color, and fabric that best suits your life and your needs. Blue Steel Spring Technology Flexsteel prides itself on making durable, comfortable furnitur

How big Should my Dining Room Table be?

When furnishing a new home, one of the first pieces you will likely buy will be a dining table. Getting the style and size of your dining table just right is important. The following guide covers everything you should consider before making a dining table purchase, including seating, clearance, length, width, height, and shape. Seating The very first thing you should think about is how many seats you need. The seating needs of the dining room will be different for everyone. One good guide to follow is that your dining table should accommodate near the same number of people as your living room. If there is space for 6 people to sit in the living room, then your dining table should seat 6 people. If your living space can comfortably seat 5, then consider having a minimum of 4 seats in your dining room. If there are only 2 seats in your living area, then you only need 2 seats in your dining area. Also, there needs to be approximately 24 inches for each person at the table. These are not h

How to Care for a Leather Sofa

Leather furniture can be high-maintenance, but it can also be a great investment. Real leather needs to be cared for correctly to make sure it stays looking great year after year. So how do you care for a leather sofa? Caring for a leather sofa includes regular cleanings, regular conditionings, using the right kinds of products, and avoiding sunlight and excess moisture. How do I Clean my Leather Sofa? Like with most furniture, cleaning a leather sofa regularly is important to keep it looking its best. Leather has special needs and requires certain leather-safe products. Make sure anything you use to clean or polish your sofa is safe for leather. First, use a dry, soft cloth, like microfiber to wipe off any dust or dirt on the surface of the sofa. Next, use a vacuum cleaner to clean under the cushions and every crack and crevice. Dusting off and vacuuming should be done at least 1x per week. Next, you’ll use a soft damp cloth to wipe the surface of the couch. Then, you’ll use a leather

Upgrading Your Home Office

More people than ever are working at home. If your home office is filled with inadequate furniture, drab decor, or depressing paint, it may be time to upgrade your home office. Replacing your wall color, decor, desk chair, or bookshelves are all great ways to instantly change the look, feel, and function of your home office space. Read on to learn more about each of these options for upgrading your home office. New Paint If you are starting from scratch with your upgrade, consider repainting the room. The color you choose could depend on what your needs are and your personality. If you are an anxious person who has trouble focusing, a calming color may be best. Hues of blue and green are the best colors to make you feel calm. Bright colors like yellows, oranges, and picks can make you feel happy. You’ll enjoy the space more if the color of the room evokes joy. If you prefer neutral tones, warm shades of brown or tan will make the room feel cozy without being too drab. Fresh Decor Perso