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Creating a Versatile Spare Room

Traditionally, the American suburban home would have a dedicated guest room. Although a lovely idea, it just isn’t practical for modern homes. The average American family is busy. Each family member has their own hobbies and preferences for fun. It makes a lot of sense to use a spare in a way that is practical and useful for your family’s wants and needs. It can be tricky trying to decide what you should use your spare room for. Should you use it as a gym, an office, or a game room? The answer is simple: Your spare room should serve a purpose that suits you and your family. A spare room can be used for multiple purposes.   What Should you Use a Spare Room for? A spare room can be used as a game room, media room, craft room, home office, child’s playroom, music room, library, an extra living room, or as a guest room. A spare room can be two or more of these. For example, your spare room could easily function as an extra living space, or “den”, as well as a guest room. A TV and a comfy c

How to Choose the Right Rug for Your Space

There are a few pieces that have the ability to define and anchor a room like a rug can. Whether it’s bringing a pop of color, a fun pattern, or a feeling of coziness, a rug can add a lot of dynamic to your room. Knowing how to find the right rug for your space can be difficult. To help you get started we put together several tips on finding the right one.