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Create Your Prefect Sofa or Sectional

There is no need to sacrifice style, comfort, and options when purchasing a sofa or sectional. The M9 program from Craftmaster Furniture offers endless possibilities, allowing you to create the perfect piece for your home. In addition, this program also offers upholstered chair and ottoman options so you can create a complete set in the same style and details. Read on to explore how you can customize your sofa or sectional. The first step in creating your perfect piece is to determine your size and if you are opting for a sectional, your configuration. Sofa Size The M-9 program offers the sofa size in a 77” to 81” overall width in a 2 or 3 cushion configuration. Sectional Pieces The M9 program offers 18 sectional pieces. Sectional Configurations The M9 program offers 16 standard configurations. Next step is selecting the details that puts the personal touches on your on your piece. The program offers options that reflect everything from a traditional to modern style to anything in be

Our Top 7 Most Popular Sectional Styles

Coziness is one of the top design focuses for 2021 and we predict will continue in 2022. As more people are redesigning their spaces, sectionals are becoming more popular. They create a comfortable space where multiple people can sit, recline, and/or lay down. If you are looking to update your living room, consider upgrading to one of our popular sectional styles:   F9332-Sect Sectional The F9 Series from Craftmaster Furniture is a popular option as it offers a number of customizations so you can get exactly what you need. Select from 4 arms, 4 backs, 3 welt styles and 27 pieces to create a look all your own. In addition, you can get a matching ottoman and side chairs.   Nirvana Sectional The Nirvana 1650-SECTPH Sectional from Flexsteel offers ultimate relaxation with plush cushions, power reclining, and power headrests. It also includes USB ports where the power button is so you can charge your electronics. The Nirvana also includes a console giving you storage and cup holders.   Ca