Why Buy Flexsteel

Not many people take the time to research what it takes to build quality furniture. Most people tend to just be happy to have a furnished home with furniture that is in decent condition and can stand the occasional horseplay. Most people shop for furniture based on color, style, or whatever is on sale at the popular furniture store in their area. It is rare for furniture buyers to shop with the manufacturer or a specific brand in mind. However, knowing such information gives for the best possible outcome in purchasing beauty, quality, and functional furniture from a credible supplier. But no worries we have all that information for you. We are going to let you in on the manufacturer/brand “Flexsteel” and why your next furniture purchase should be just that.

Home and History

Flexsteel is a highly respected furniture company that has stood the test of time since 1893 setting up shop in the heart of Minneapolis by John Grau, R.F Curtis, T. J Gorman, and Frank Bertsch. With the furniture industry expanding at a rapid rate and the wide range of competition, Flexsteel committed itself to producing both beautiful and long-lasting American furniture. Having been founded over 100 years ago Flexsteel to this day remains true to their quality as well as true to their country.

Furniture Built to Last a Life-Time

Flexsteels’ promise has remained the same; “to build quality furniture for the way you live today and every day after.” They can make such promise through the integrity of their materials from their well-known blue steel springs to their prefabricated woods, to their high-performance fabrics. What are the Blue Steel Springs that they speak so highly about? Well, they consist of three spring systems the c-flex, blue ribbon, and the dual-flex. The c-flex spring is a c shaped arch dual steel ribbon that runs along the frame from the front to the back allowing for more stability and comfort. The blue-ribbon spring is a solid arch spring that is bolted to the back of each steel ribbon providing more support. Lastly, the dual-flex spring is a spring that attaches to super flexible coils giving way for more range of motion. (see flexsteel.com for more details.) This technology is state of the art and is used to separate their furniture from their competitors.


All products that are used to produce Flexsteel furniture are made in-house. Each piece is carefully crafted and built to order with you in mind. You are also able to customize your order with Flexsteel’s collection of over 100 styles of frames and fabrics.

Customer Satisfaction

Since Flexsteel takes pride in their furniture being built to last a lifetime they assure their customers with that truth by providing various warranties that cover an array of damages and parts.

As one of the largest retailers of Flexsteel Furniture in the area, we have over 15,000 square feet of showroom space dedicated to showcasing the extensive living room options. We offer hundreds of fabric and leather options, available to be seen in our store. Before stopping in take a moment to browse the selection online.

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