Personalizing Your Bedroom with Accent Pieces

Do you feel that your bedroom is too boring, or not personal enough? Adding some interesting accent pieces is a great way to add some flare and color to your room. Keep reading to learn about accent pieces and how you can use them to personalize your bedroom.

What are Accent Pieces?

So, what are accent pieces? Put simply, accent pieces are furniture, decor, or art that complements the room. An accent piece is usually used to add color, style, and texture to a room or to make a bold statement. The best accent pieces are functional while still adding some color or boldness to a room.

Personalize Your Room with Accent Pieces

There are many different kinds of accent furniture and decor and many ways to use them in a bedroom. The following guide explains a few ways to use accent pieces to personalize your room.


Benches are an often overlooked piece of furniture in the bedroom. However, it has become trendy to place one at the foot of the bed. Placed here, the bench adds some style to the room and can serve a couple of different functions. One way it can be used is as a comfy seat while you put your shoes on. Another way is as storage for extra blankets or throw pillows while the bed is in use.

Use the bench to show your personality. You might choose a simple wooden bench and place stacks of books on it. If you wish to add some interest to the room, a brightly-colored bench of tufted velvet would be just the thing.


Consider using some accent chairs to add some seating as well as some color to your bedroom. A wingback chair next to a bookcase creates an instant reading nook. A cushioned tufted accent chair in the corner gives a guest a comfy place to sit.

Place two brightly-colored accent chairs across from each other with a small table in between, and you have a small and stylish sitting area. Choose accent chairs that add some fun texture or a pop of color to your bedroom, and place them where they’ll be functional, as well.


No functional bedroom would be complete without a table or two. Using an accent table to serve a purpose is a great way to meet your needs with some style. There are several kinds of accent tables to choose from.

Use a small credenza as a side table for a stylish storage solution. Place a glass or mirrored table under the window. Put a simple wooden table next to the bed or along the wall for a minimalist look. Use your accent table as a coffee table or a place to display personal items like photos or mementos.


Mirrors are the perfect accent decor for any room, including the bedroom. There are many styles of mirrors; from trendy round mirrors to Victorian ones with ornate frames. A mirror can be dramatic or simple; it all depends on your personal style.

Choose a simple, frameless mirror and place it across from a window to reflect the natural sunlight. Hang a colorfully-framed mirror on a gallery-style wall display to make a statement. Whatever you choose, it’s hard to go wrong with mirrors.

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